Would you like your savings to generate high interest and still have your Capital Guaranteed?

Our Story

For some businesses, Covid has been a boon with select property rising dramatically and the US stock market continuing to make new highs every week.

For others, especially those who rely on interest earned from savings, the picture has not been so rosy. Interest rates now from the major banks have sunk to less than 2% a year with no immediate prospects of improving. In fact the media is currently full of stories about interest rates going negative meaning you would have to PAY the bank to keep your money!

Incocap (200918798C) is a Singapore registered Investment Company. We have multi-million dollar investments in rental properties in Singapore, Thailand and Australia as well as in the US stock market.

We have been very fortunate that our investments have done well during Covid and we are currently looking to expand our portfolio.

To this end we are offering a Investors with a minimum of US$100,000 the chance to earn significantly above the current bank rate of interest with their capital guaranteed.

The current rate of interest we are offering is 8% per annum with a minimum initial term of 2 years. This rate is guaranteed for the full 2 years.

Interest can be withdrawn every 6 months.

As an example with a minimum $100,000 an investor would be able to withdraw US$4,000 in interest every 6 months and still have the full $100,000 available for withdrawal after 2 years.

IncoCap only accepts funds after detailed discussion to ensure that this is the right investment for that individual. If you are interested in having an initial discussion without any committment or pressure tactics, please contact us below and one of the principals of the business will be in touch.

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